Role of the International Community, in Sri Lanka’s Redemption from the Economic Crisis

by H.G.A. Prasansa Gunawardana

Published on International Research Conference of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University 2022 on 30th September 2022.

The Catastrophic economic crisis that the Sri Lankan community is facing in the contemporary context, has been the root cause and the foundational aspect for prolonged societal disruptions, as well as the rise of novel challenges with regard to the element of National Security lately. This crisis itself clearly signifies the interdependence that holds in between economic and social rights along with civil and political rights. Sri Lanka’s economic crisis has not only captured the downfall of the living but has been the reason for the bare minimum of the entire community’s survival. As internal conditions are at stake and have a status of malfunctioning, it is vital for the nation to seek assistance and guidance from external entities on the way forward. This research intends to analyse the potential grounds where the International Community could greatly assist the redemption process from the prevailing economic crisis. Looking into this in a broad sense, it is not to merely get rid of debt nor reduce inflation, but to overlook the vast array of possibilities that Sri Lanka could be opened up to. The aim of this compilation is to navigate the role of the International Community with regard to the severity Sri Lanka lives through in the current condition. Specifically, by considering the elements of how international organizations and allies could bring forth support and shed guidance. This paper is compiled by employing the qualitative research methodology, justifying and providing findings and quality recommendations for future purposes of proposing policies based on this aspect under National Security.

* Mr. Prasansa Gunawardana is a Final Year Undergraduate at the General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, from the Faculty of Defence and Strategic Studies following the BSc. in Strategic Studies and International Relations. She was an Intern (Research) at the Institute of National Security Studies, the premier think tank on National Security under the Ministry of Defence. Prasansa is currently pursuing a Diploma in Professional Human Resource Management (DPHRM) at the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) Sri Lanka.