INSS contributes in reviewing and finalizing the proposed National Security Policy

Institute of National Security Studies had the privilege of contributing for the reviewing and finalizing of the proposed National Security Policy (NSP) for Sri Lanka. Initially, Rear Admiral Dimuthu Gunawardena,RWP**, RSP, VSV, USP, Director (Communications and Publications) of INSS was nominated on 15th March 2021 for the Board that was appointed to pursue the stalled process of formulating a National Security policy/National Defence Policy chaired by Major General Amal Karunasekera RWP RSP VSV USP ndu psc MSc, Commandant, National Defence College. Subsequently, on 28th March 2022, Ms. Charani Patabendige, Research Assistant of INSS was nominated to represent INSS for the final review and drafting of the NSP at the National Defence College with the blessings of the Secretary, Ministry of Defence. She joined a few members of military who were also nominated as a team to fulfill this task.