INSSSL Military Research Officers

Commmander (C) H.A.De Zoysa


Sri Lanka Navy

Commander (C) H.Anura De Zoysa born on 16th January 1977. He joined the Sri Lanka Navy on 19th December 1997 as an officer cadet and successfully completed the basic training at the Naval & Maritime Academy Sri Lanka.

Wing Commander Kosala Ranasinghe

MSc (Def & Strat Stu),
BSc (Def Stu) in Mgt, Pg Dip (Def Mgt), psc, MIM(SL)

Sri Lanka Air Force

Wing Commander Kosala Ranasinghe was born on 20th February 1978 and joined the Sri Lanka Air Force as an Officer Cadet in 1998 after his primary and secondary studies at Royal College Colombo.

Major Suranga Witharana

psc, MSc (Def & Strat) Studies, Msc Military Science, MCPS

Sri Lanka Army

Major Suranga Witharana is presently serving as a Security Advisor and Military Research officer at the Institute of National Security Studies of Sri Lanka.